Three Salem chefs prepared for the Battle of the Lasagna Chefs on Sunday February 4th. Each chef thought their lasagna was outstanding! Bill says his is “yummy”, Rich says his is “mouth-watering” and Paola describes hers as “buonissime” (that’s “very good” for those who don’t speak Italian!)

On Sunday, February 4th, after the worship service, the congregation got a taste of each lasagna, and placed votes for which one they thought was best. Of course, all of this is great fun, but the real reason for the contest was to raise money for Medical Missionaries in Haiti. Besides voting for their favorite lasagna, we also collected donations. This money will be used for the salary of a local Haitian man who has been an invaluable worker in the clinic. We were able to collect enough in donations to sponsor his meager salary of $70.00 per month for up to a year.
Pastor Paola travelled to Haiti with our donations for the following desperately needed products for the clinic: Ibuprofen, Liquid Children’s Tylenol, Neosporin and medium sized medical gloves.


Please join Pastor Paola on April 22nd after worship to hear a presentation on her trip to Haiti.  Many have expressed an interest in hearing more about the work of Medical Missionaries and Paola’s experience with them and the Haitian people. Grab a snack and pull up a chair in the narthex for an eye-opening and informative trip to Haiti!
Coming in February 2019:   A CHILI COOK-OFF!
Sunday, February 3 –  Save the date for this fun event! Following worship, there will be a competition and fundraiser to see who makes the yummiest chili! If interested in competing for “Best Chili Chef”, contact a member of the Outreach Ministry Team.  The proceeds will used to provide the salary for the director of the malnutrition program at the Haiti Medical Mission. More information to come.