The Salem Tidings

From the Pastor’s Desk

May God give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed.  Psalm 20:4

A Note from Pastor Paola:

David mostly likely sang this psalm on the day he was anointed King: a day of blessing, joy for all he was able to accomplish through God. I feel this is our Psalm today. In January our leadership met and worked hard under the leadership of Chris Taylor. We developed plans and ministry goals. Eight months later, we can celebrate the attainment of a great number of those goals. Here they are:
 We created a Mission Statement that will lead our choices in the future. This was shared with the congregation as our worship theme for the month of August.
   A large portion of the proceeds from the land sale will be used for major updates to our facility to become more inclusive, welcoming and functional. The Building team has been created and began its work.
 We continue to grow relationship with the leadership of New Perspective, our new neighbors. In January, as they begin their hiring process, we will be able to start planning for new possible ministries that will support our seniors as well as reaching out to our new neighbors.
 A new part-time paid position for Children and Family Ministry has been created. We believe this is essential for the growth of families with children at Salem and outreach to families in need in our community (see article enclosed).
 New learning opportunities for adults are in the making, with a class on Compassion in September and a class on World Religions in October.
 Mission trip opportunities are also in the planning stage, and you will hear about these soon.
 An Evaluation of staff and ministry, based on our ministry goals, is coming out very soon.
 Care for the sick and lonely has been growing thanks to our Care Ministry who has been providing meals, rides and support to those in need in our congregation.
 New opportunities to serve has been provided by our awesome Outreach team and will grow once the new position of Children and Family Ministry will be in place.
And of course there is a lot more to do, yet the Lord surely blessed us with many accomplishments and successes so far!!  We need to stay focused on our goals and work toward the next chapter in the life of Salem. In closing, I’d like to share a verse from Psalm 127 written by King Solomon. Solomon was the builder of the great First Temple in Jerusalem. He was given this task when the Lord refused to let his father David build it after David let his success and pride make very destructive choices for himself and his people.  Solomon was a wise builder, and he knew that building on goals was important, but he would not forget who the ultimate builder was. “Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.”  Psalm 127:1 Let’s not forget our true builder, without whom all work will be in vain!
Pastor Paola