The Salem Tidings

From the Pastor’s Desk


 Note from Pastor Paola:

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed
you a prophet to the nations.”
Jeremiah 1:5 . 
We are all wonderfully made and set apart so we can go into the world and make a difference. God gives us a life that counts. We are charged by God to go out and be fruitful.
I hope you all know that you were created to make a difference. Also, I hope you have the opportunity to share this truth with others, especially with those who are crushed by disappointment and failure and don’t see any value in their life.
Now, how can we make our life count?
Jesus explained it well. Remember the parable He told us about the man who before leaving for a journey gives talents to his servants? (Matthew 25:14-30) One received 5 and went out and made 5 more, the second received 2, and went out and made two more. The last received one and for fear of losing it, he hid it in the ground. Do you remember what happened when the man comes back from his journey? He was pleased with the two servants who used the talents and multiplied them but he was deeply disappointed with the one who for fear of losing the talent put it in the ground.
Which of the servants made their life count?
As we enter into the month of October we are given the incredible opportunity at Salem to reflect on how we make our life count and what we do with the gifts God gives to us. Hiding away these gifts for fear of losing them, is like you never received the gifts. Having instead the courage to use our gifts generously is the only way to multiply them and be fruitful.
During our stewardship campaign that will end on Sunday, October 30th we will be given the opportunity to reflect on how we can make our life count and how we can let God multiply what we give.
This year to be honest, we have plenty of reasons to go and hide away what we have for fear of losing it.  The economy is raising so many concerns.
Yet, in so doing we will let fear take over our lives. We will live like the gift was never given to us.  We are people of faith, we live under God’s economy, an economy of abundance.
Step up in faith this October. Make your life count. I know I will. I know you will.
In Christ’s Love.
Pastor Paola