The Salem Tidings

From the Pastor’s Desk


 Note from Pastor Paola:

This is one of my favorite times in our church life. It is the time to reflect over the power of giving. I have the best job in the world that allows me to witness almost every day the spiritual growth that happens in people of all ages and backgrounds when they challenge themselves to grow in giving. It is mind boggling to see the transformation!
As we give and become truly generous people, we partner with God, follow Jesus, and enter into the reality of kingdom living. It’s really good. Our heart grows, we become the life we lead, the joy we experience, the faith we build, the divine care we receive, the difference we make. Dr. Martin Luther King put it this way: “Keep feeling the need for being first. But I want you to be the first in love. I want you to be the first in moral excellence. I want you to be the first in generosity.”
When Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”, he meant it literally. We think getting stuff is the path to the good life because when we get, we receive a little burst of pleasure. But that little burst always wears off. Over the long haul, givers are happier, more joyful people than takers.
The rewards of generosity are:
  •  More relational connection. We live in a society that’s increasingly financially rich but relationally poor. People who are generous with their time and with their money, end up entering into new relationships, connecting with, and caring about more people.
  • Freedom. When I focus on my little life and getting what I want, I become a slave to my desire.
  • Generosity liberates us from our slavery to things to be able to give with the freedom we receive.
  • Joy It’s sometimes called the “helper’s high”. Stingy people secrete cortisol, which is the stress hormone. God has wired your body so that you cannot give without getting, just at the hormonal level.
  • A blessing that will continue to the next generation Generous parents tend to raise generous children and help them to live a more fulfilling, joyful life as adults.
  • Impact other people in your community and discover you can make a difference in the world.
Dear Salem family, soon you will be receiving a letter with a financial commitment card. It will be your opportunity to start thinking in what ways you want to grow in joy and blessings in 2022. Please pray about it, and decide in your heart. The last two Sundays in October will be dedicated to harvesting the fruits of your generosity. Please bring back your commitment card on October 31 and celebrate your blessings with your spiritual family.
See you in Church!
Pastor Paola