Join us as we learn how to bring God into our
habits, one day at a Time.

Feb 4 Bill Pardoe – Money Habits   Proverbs 3:9-10;11:24-25; Matthew 6:19-24
Feb 11 – Rest habits Transfiguration Sunday Exodus 20:8-11; Matthew 11:28-30

 From Ashes to Life;  Lent 2024

Join us this Lent as we discover how Jesus brings the new life of Easter into each of us.

Feb 18 First week of Lent: Forgiveness  The Woman with the Jar of Oil  Luke 7:36-50

Feb 25 Second week of Lent: Haiti Fundraiser  The Miracle of the 5 Loaves and 2 Fish  Luke 9:10-17

Mar 3 Third week of Lent: Healing  Woman Restored to Life  Luke 8:40-48

Mar 10 Fourth week of Lent: Compassion  Prodigal Son  Luke 15:11-24

Mar 17 Fifth week of Lent: Acceptance  Zacchaeus  Luke 19:1-8

Mar 24 Palm Sunday: From Celebration to  Grief  Jesus Cries over Jerusalem 
Luke 19:28-44 
Mar 29 Good Friday: Travel With Us  The Way of the Cross
Mar 31 Easter: He is Not Here, He is Risen  The Women at the Tomb