Sunday August 27 Pastor Pete – Paola on vacation

Sunday September 3 – Communion Lay preacher Bill Pardoe – Paola on vacation

How can I know I’ll go to Heaven?

During our mission trip this summer in Rome, we visited some of the amazing work of Michelangelo. His astounding works of art reveal a deep inner spiritual struggle.  Until the end, Michelangelo was divided between faith and disbelief, wondering if he was good enough to receive God’s love and salvation.
Through the work of Michelangelo, led by the Gospel of John, we will unfold our ultimate spiritual question. 
“How Can I Know I’ll Go to Heaven.”

Sun, Sept 10 La Pieta´ (1498-1499)  John 11:25-26

Sun, Sept 17 The Sistine Chapel (1508-1512)  John 10:10;14-18;27-30

Sun, Sept 24 The Deposition (1547-1555)  John 3:16