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Sunday Service:  9 am
We are a people of Biblical Faith. Our faith is guided by Scripture, tradition, experience and reason. For United Methodists, the Bible is the record of God’s people living out God’s promise.  Join us on Sunday mornings for music, scripture readings and a message on today’s topics.
We are located at 541 Hwy 59, Waukesha, Wisconsin


April 1 Easter Sunday Join us to celebrate with worship at 9 am, with an Easter egg hunt and brunch to follow!
April 4, 11, 18 and 25 Women in the Middle
April 8: Food Pantry Sunday
April 8: 10:15 am Church Conference(vote)
April 14: Men’s Breakfast:  7:30 am
April 15: Native American Ministries Sunday
April 22: Haiti presentation


Connect with us on our social platforms. Stay in tuned with our latest Facebook posts.  Give us a call at (262) 547-5231. Send an e-mail to office@salemonthehill.org

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Salem UMC Worship Themes

We welcome Reverend Paola Benecchi as our pastor! 
Come and worship with us and invite family and friends to come with you!!
Upcoming Worship series:
I Am Glad You Are Here
Christ welcomes us as we are and he challenges us to open our doors, our hearts, and our minds to experience the blessing of hospitality.
April 8: Hospitality 101  Luke 14:1-14
April 15: Unexpected Guests  Luke 14:15-24
Creation:  Gift & Responsibility

As Christians, our concern for the earth is not blocked by our faith; it is actually triggered by our faith. Care for the earth is a way to give glory to God, Our Creator.

April 22 Earth Day  In the Beginning God Created  Genesis 1:1-25

April 29 Be Fruitful and Increase in Number; Fill the Earth and Take Charge  Genesis 1:26-31

May 6  Farming the Garden of Eden  Lay Speaker, Kermit Bohning  Genesis 2:8-17
May 13  Mother’s Day  PRAISEFEST
The Holy Spirit is Power

We pray to God the Father and strive to follow Jesus. But when it comes to the Holy Spirit, things get a little fuzzy. Join us this Pentecost and Trinity Sunday as we unveil who the Holy Spirit is and how The Holy Spirit can transform our lives.


May 20 Pentecost   Full Potential of a Spirit-Filled Life   Acts 1:2-21

May 27   Trinity Sunday/Memorial Sunday  Total Freedom in the Spirit   Romans 8:12-17
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