For the 5th year, Salem has taken on a project to support a medical malnutrition ministry in Haiti. 
On Jan 23rd we hosted a Banana Bead Bake-Off to raise funds for this program! 
Thanks to your generosity, Salem’s 2022 Fundraiser not only raised funds for Wilner, the Medika Mamba Program Coordinator’s salary, but also enough more money to purchase infant formula, medicine for the children, and also the much-needed Medika Mamba. 
The clinic serves Thomassique and its outlying villages of about 125,000 people.  There are numerous programs under the auspices of the clinic, but the program we have focused on is called the Medika Mamba Child Malnutrition Program.  Medika Mamba is a peanut butter-like nutritional supplement given to severely malnourished children.  It restores 90% of these children to good health in a short amount of time!  The video below describes the Malnutrition Ministry in more detail.