May 19 – June 2 Time to draw the circle wide at Salem.  No one is alone!
May 19 – Pentecost Our Foundation, the still point God Acts 2, Psalm 100:5
May 26 – Trinity Sunday Inclusion lets our loving know no borders
The Church Galatians 3:28-29
June 2– Communion Dream large dream Christ dream The Mission/The Vision Ephesians 3:20
June 9 “God Be With Me”  Genesis 28:10-15  Led by Maggie Bringa
Blessed to be a Blessing
From Generation to Generation:  Blessed – Bless – Blessing
I will bless you so that you will be a blessing.  (Genesis 12:2) With this promise of blessing,  God started the journey of His people. Let’s discover together how we can pass on God’s blessings from one generation to the next.

June 16  Father’s Day  My Father’s Blessings  Genesis 12:1-2; Genesis 49:26

June 23  Blessing Youth who Worry and are Anxious  Joshua 1:1-7; Philippians 4:6-7 
June 30  Recognition of Graduates  Blessing Our Children  Luke 2:41-52
July 7  Communion  Blessings from Spiritual Grandparents  Luke 2:22-40
July 14  Bless My Parents  Ruth 1:15-18; Exodus 20:12

Joy Stealers

Walk with us through the sermon of the Mountain as Jesus shows us the way to free our souls from the enemies that steal joy and hope from our lives.
July 2  Anger, Grievance, and Resentment  Matthew 5:21-26
July 28  STAND ALONE  Reverend Michelle Lacock 
August 4  Communion  Dishonesty and Lies  Matthew 5:33-37
August 11  Revenge and Unforgiveness  Matthew 5:38-48
August 18  Greed and Hoard  Matthew 6:18-21